What's In My Toolbox

What's In My Toolbox

As I work on Massage My Stress Away (and my other ventures), I’ve been thinking a bit about what (or which) skills will help me as I continue this endeavor.  I'll call this my "toolbox."

Item #1: I love interacting with people!

One thing that I have in my toolbox is that I like talking to people. I like interacting, helping, and assisting as they work to make themselves better.

Item # 2: I’m tech savvy!

By this, I don’t mean that I know everything. I think that anyone who knows me can tell you that I don’t know everything. However, I can learn very quickly and adapt myself to a different form of technology and mediums of communication. If I don’t know about it, odds are that I can figure it out.

Item #3: I’m great at research!

Whether it’s technical research or research on-the-fly, I’m good at finding different resources. Combine this skill with Skill #2, and this is how I’m able to tech myself about social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

Item #4: I don’t give up easily!

The last few years, I’ve been developing the skill called “patience.” This also translates into drive and determination. Once I start on a project, I rarely give up and push on to its conclusion.

In the case of the businesses, there is a long road ahead before I can “build” them up. These four skills not only help me to maintain Massage My Stress away, but they also help me to maintain drive and focus.

Not everyone will have the same “mixture” of skills that I do. The trick is to figure out which skills you have (whether—or not-- they are the same skills that are listed above).

What makes you unique? What makes you “tick?” What wakes you up in the morning and gets you to move? Find those tools and get to work!

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