The Best Trip Of My Life

The Best Trip Of My Life
I was recently asked about the “best trip” of my life and how it eventually lead to me becoming (again) an entrepreneur and starting up Massage My Stress Away. The answer was: my move from Albuquerque to Colorado Springs.

It was the winter of 2004. I had survived – quite literally – a battle with mononucleosis. This battle almost cost me my life, and I spent years recovering and had finally graduated from college. In my case, the virus was so bad that my brain had temporarily lost its ability to learn and retain information.

(For example, I could have read the previous two paragraphs, then – seconds later – I could not tell you what either of them said!)

Throughout all that – and thanks to a bad concussion that I’d suffered while working my job at Home Depot – I’d decided that I needed to start a new part of my life. I needed a job that wasn’t as rough on my body as Home Depot was. I decided that I needed to move; that I didn’t want to spend my entire life living in New Mexico.

That move – leaving my apartment and moving north to Colorado Springs, starting a new career, and taking those first steps on my own – did one thing. I learned that it was possible to take big risks. I learned that it was possible to start over and risk failure.

Now – 12 years later – I’m stepping out from the safety of a “normal” life and driving myself to do more, learn more, and strive for prosperity now. Not years from now, not “someday” when I’m old and gray…. now!

This move showed me that it was possible to take radical steps, to go out on a limb….and survive! This gives me hope that – even though things could be just as crazy now – I can survive and thrive.

After all, I’ve done it before. I can do it again. 😊

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