Something I've Overcome

Something I've Overcome

Today’s Massage My Stress Away blog post will focus on something I’ve overcome. This was something that I dealt with when I was far, far younger. My fight against mononucleosis.

Mononucleosis (called – more simply – “mono”) is a virus that is known for making people feel extremely tired. It’s also called the “kissing disease,” meaning that you get it from kissing someone.

I wish I could say that I knew when I’d come down with mono. I wasn’t even dating at the time (viruses can be airborne!) I didn’t even really notice a decline until it was almost too late.

This was near the turn of the century (1999 – 2000). I was going through college and working at Home Depot. The work at Home Depot was going well. College – on the other hand – took a drastic turn for the worse.

I’d just come out of a bout with allergies. When I say allergies, I was allergic to everything in/around Las Cruces, New Mexico. Those allergies made me extremely sick and – in retrospect – that was the beginning.

I was studying in my apartment. Rather, trying to study. It was bad. I couldn’t read…and I couldn’t retain.

Think of it this way: my condition was so bad that I could read the last two paragraphs and not tell you a single thing that I’d read.

When I figured out that I could not study (literally), I went to the student health center on campus. At first, they kept telling me, “Nothing is wrong!” However, I insisted that there was something wrong, and that’s when they final discovered that “you have mono!”

This case of mono turned out to be very serious. I also learned that more serious cases – for males – can destroy the brain’s ability to learn and retain information. Hence, the reason why I could not study!

I spend a couple of months resting and recovering. My parents – years later – finally admitted that when they brought me back home, that I was a couple of weeks away from death. To this day, there are still sometimes that I do not remember; I remember some events, but a fair amount is still a “blank.”

It took me a couple of years, but I was able to recover, go back to college, and finish up my undergraduate’s degree.

It was painful! I fought for every inch…. being able to study, being able to go to college, being able to work. I hit “burnout” 1 – 2 months after starting a school semester. I had to force myself to work take care of myself.

Even now, every time I start to think, “I can’t do this!” I remember these times. I remember the struggles, and what I had to do to survive day after day. I am forced to remember that I’ve overcome far, far greater odds, and that I must keep moving forward!

What have you overcome in the past?

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