My Favorite Quote and a Story About It

My Favorite Quote and a Story About It

“The question which once haunted my being has been answered. The future is not fixed, and my choices are my own... and yet, how ironic! For I now find, I have no choice at all!” – Dinobot, “Beast Wars: Transformers”

This quote was one that – obviously – I heard when I was in my 20s. The future is not fixed. My choices are my own. But more and more, I’m finding that I really don’t have a choice in how I act.

When I was younger, I thought I was living freely. I thought I was doing what I wanted, where I wanted, when I wanted.

However, as I grew older and gained some experience, I quickly realized that I even though I thought I was doing what I wanted, I really wasn’t. I was doing whatever it took to “fit in.” I was doing whatever it took to avoid being alone. I was doing whatever it took to avoid looking at my own life and realizing how meaningless it was.

Even though it was from a cartoon, this quote held more and more meaning to me as I gained years.

True, the future is not fixed.

True, my choices are my own.

However, as time went on, I had no choice but to move out of my hometown of Albuquerque. I would never grow if I never moved.

I had no choice by to leave the retail sector and seek out an employer that paid more. I would never be able to take care of myself – or a family – doing what I was doing.

Now, I have no choice but to leave behind the traditions and limiting beliefs that I learned when I was little. I want to do more than focus on myself and my own bills/obligations. I want to do more for the world. I want to support those who are around us.

Why am I striving to learn more than I’ve ever learned before? Why am I building sites like Massage My Stress Away? It’s because – even though my choices are my own – I do not have a choice.

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