My Family

My Family
At Massage My Stress Away, family is number one! Family and loved ones are the most important people in your lives, and this web site is focused on helping you to take care of each other. As such, I’m going to speak a little bit about my family – the good and the bad.

My family is the type of family that could be described perfectly by the term, “warring factions.” Our family hasn’t always gotten along, but there have been some dark secrets in my family. You may be saying, “all families are half-crazy!” And you might be right. However, the family I had – and part of the reason why I’m striving to better our situation and change my mindset – was more than just “half-crazy.”

In short, take the phrase, “half-crazy” and mix in “abusive” and “self-destructive,” and you have my family.

My family has suffered a lot of damage, and mostly because of a handful of powerful patriarchal figures. These members held the mantle of the family and used it to abuse everyone around them at the same time.

My mother managed to escape this abusive side, though at high physical and emotional cost to herself. My father acted like he’d escaped, but he carried his prison within him – a mental prison that eventually destroyed him and threatened to carry itself over me, also.

Fortunately, I am everything my mother is and instinctively fought to be everything that my father wasn’t. In the past three years, I’d finally run into enough mentors and thinkers that I began to work on breaking the bonds of the past, with God’s help.

I am finally able to turn less attention to my own past/failings and more attention to my own family. My wife and daughter are the focus of my attention now…not to mention my mother and my cat Tigger.

My daughter turned three this year, so she’s talking... All. The. Time. :-D She is my pride and joy, and I am proud of the leaps & bounds that she has taken.

My usual activity with my daughter – because the wife has her all week – is to take her downtown. She likes to ride the elevator in my place of business, and we walk around downtown and find a place to find yummy food.

I’m grateful and thankful to God that He’s given me a new lease on life, and that I’m able to look forward to building my new family, and spending less and less time doing damage control because of my original one.

What about your family do you like? What about your family annoys you? Comment below!

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