My 5 Favorite Songs for Getting Motivated for Work

My 5 Favorite Songs for Getting Motivated for Work
When I am gearing up to go to my “day job” or work on Massage My Stress Away, I have 5 favorite songs that I use to get myself motivated to work!

In no particular order….

Start Me Up - Rolling Stones

I think the Rolling Stones are a very talented group. They are – of course – world famous. However, I don’t listen to their music as much as I like to make fun of Mick Jagger (What?? He’s still alive?!) However, the song itself is virtually guaranteed to wake you up in the morning! Enough said.

This Is Living (feat. Lecrae) (Music Video) - Hillsong Young & Free

This was always one of my favorite “walking to the bus stop” songs. This music is very dynamic. And – as a Christian song – it doesn’t suck. That’s always a bonus. (Let’s face it, a lot of Christian music will make you cringe and run for cover!)

Rock Steady - Paul Jackson Jr.

A smooth jazz song that has some get up and go – an awesome take on a long-ago classic. Make Classics Great Again! But, seriously, the bass in this song carries this song. I usually listen to it more than once in a sitting.

Play It Forward - James Lloyd

This song is a little easier listening (maybe a bit truer to the “Smooth Jazz” genre). However, it’s a perfect song for working because it’s upbeat enough to keep me interested, but not so upbeat as to distract me from work.

Tijuana Dance? - Rick Braun

One of my favorites, and one that my daughter loves dancing to, as well! You can’t help but move to this one, even if your goal is to work in your seat. This one is also guaranteed to keep you focused.

Check these out! Also, feel free to comment below: what songs do you use to get yourself ready and focused for work?

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